Cornwall Photographic Alliance
The Charles Hosken Memorial Competition

The West Cornwall Photographic Alliance was formed in May 1971.

Committee members in the first year of office included Les Ashworth and Charles Hosken.

Charles Hosken passed away suddenly in March 13th 1995.

The idea of the Charles Hosken Memorial Cup, devised by Bryan Crick, was to encourage Club Members from beginners upwards to take part in the county wide competition


This is an open subject competition with the exception of Wildlife and Nature.

Wildlife and nature images are NOT to be entered into this competition.

Members should enter wildlife and nature images into the CPA wildlife and nature competition.

There is a maximum entry of SIX images per club member.

All images to be selected by individual club members – this is a member entry not a club entry.

Entry fee is £1 per image.

The Cornwall Photographic Alliance reserves the right to reproduce the images for publicity Reproduction will be without payment and copyright remains with the photographer.

The CPA reserves the right to exclude any unsuitable image.

Members may not enter a digital image of the same or substantially similar content to any image previously entered by them into the competition.

Judges - 3 Judges will be selected and will judge the images remotely.


1st - The Charles Hosken Memorial - Silver Cup

2nd - Plaque

3rd - Plaque

Highly Commended Certificates at the discretion of the judges

CPA Charles Hosken Digital Image Entry Rules.

The image must be a maximum of 1600 pixel wide and 1200 pixel high including any border. The files must be in jpeg format sRGB colour space.

Landscape images should be no larger than 1600 pixels wide x 1200 pixels high.

Portrait images should be a maximum 1200 pixel high

Image dimensions

Image files must be named in the following format.

D* -Image Title-Photographers Name-Camera Club.

Image 1 - D1   Image 2 - D2

Image 3 - D3   Image 4 - D4

e.g.  D1-Fairground-Ann Other-Cornish CC


• Note upper and lower case as shown and hyphens between title and name and club.

No spaces between words and hyphens. Note hyphens not underscore.

• The file name as presented will be used for projection in the competition.

Please check that the title is spelt correctly.

All images are projected onto a black background.

Images less than 1600 pixel x 1200 pixel with dark areas could merge with the background. To define the outline of these images consider using a border.

Picture Copyright.

In all cases the original image(s) must have been taken using a photographic process and be the sole Copyright of the entrant. Any modification of the original image must be made by the photographer or under his/her personal direction.
The use of clip art, downloaded textures, frames created by photo editing software, or elements from any other photographer’s image is not permitted.
If persons and/or property are included within an image, the photographer accepts the responsibility that any necessary permission has been obtained for usage.
The Cornwall Photographic Alliance assumes no liability for any breach of copyright by the entrant

Delivery of images.

Member entries should be collected by the club rep.
Please refer to the CPA web site for the hand in date.

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