Programme of Events 2018-2019

Please see below the list of upcoming events we have planned.

January 2019
7th Competition Evening The subject of tonight’s competition is ‘Music’. Dust off your old Trombone or Tuba. Go visit a music festival or even capture some choral voices. There are many places music can be photographed.
21st Workshop - Hi-Key & Low-Key Lighting Tom Thorpe will be teaching the dark arts (and light arts) of Low-Key and Hi-Key lighting. Bring along your camera and flashes for an enlightening workshop.
February 2019
4th Workshop - Table Top Photography Come along and have a go at various types of Table Top photography that can be done at home. Don’t forget your camera & tripods.
18th Competition Evening - Hi-Key or Low-Key Photography The subject of tonight’s competition is ‘Hi Key or Low Key’ photography. Take all the knowledge learnt from Tom’s earlier workshop and show us your results.
March 2019
4th Rob & Pete’s EVEN BIGGER Quiz Night The quiz masters are back. Join us for the biggest quiz challenge ever in Camera Club history. Warning! May include some photography-based questions.
18th Workshop - Lighting & Movement Tonight's workshop is all about 'Lighting and Movement'. Member's of the committee will guide you through this interesting subject.
April 2019
1st Competition Evening - Minimalism The subject of tonight’s competition is ‘Minimalism’. The less the better.
15th Workshop - Composing Tom Thorpe will be giving a practical demonstration on how to pose your model/subject to get the best from them. Bring along your cameras.
29th Workshop - Members Coice This is your night. The members of the club are to choose a subject that they would like a workshop on.
May 2019
13th Photographer’s Question Time Put your questions to our well-seasoned panel of photography experts. There may even be a surprise guest.
27th Workshop - Action / Sports Photography This evenings workshop will be based on sports or action photography. Location and full details will be advertised closer to the date. Don’t forget your camera.
June 2019
10th 2019 Annual Competition You may be thinking we’ve already had the Annual Competition.
however we thought it was unfair that new members did not get the chance to enter in September so we’ve decided that all future annual competitions will be in June. This year's annual competition subject is ‘Dereliction and Decay’. Up to four entries may be submitted. Entries must be handed in by 13th May 2019.
24th Annual General Meeting (AGM) This is the night you get to have your say.