Programme of Events 2023-2024

Please see below the list of upcoming events we have planned.

March 2024
4th Workshop.
Macro & Close-up Photography.
Tonight's workshop will be Macro & Close-Up photography. We will discuss the equipment and techniques needed to achieve outstanding macro photos. This workshop will be suited to both beginners and more experienced photographers. After the initial introduction, talk and tea break, there will be tables set up for you to have a go and try some equipment.
Don't forget to bring along your cameras, speed lights and tripods.

BCC 2nd print competition, Natural Symmetry, hand-in.
18th Workshop.
Still Life Photography.
Tonight's workshop is Still-life photography, a genre of fine art photography that focuses on an inanimate subject matter, either natural or man-made, with the goal of creating fine art images. The genre can be traced back to the days of early photography when photographers were limited in their ability to capture moving subjects. We will demonstrate setting up a scene, lighting and photographing. There will be various setups for you to photo.
Don't forget to bring along your cameras and tripods.
25th Member Talk.
Wildlife & Nature Photography.
Kelvin's talk this evening will provide insight into why he chose to focus on wildlife/nature photography, the equipment, and how it is used. He will share many tips, techniques and experiences that he has had with his photography so far.

CPA Annual competition hand-in.
Competition rules can be viewed here.
April 2024
8th Competition Night.
Natural Symmetry.
(Print Entries Only).
In photography symmetry appears when parts of your composition mirror other parts. It is created when two halves of your scene look the same and balance each other out. Symmetry defines something being clean, proportional and balanced and will make pictures appear neat, tidy and clinical.
Tonight's judge is Bill Hall from Truro CC.
Competition rules can be viewed here.
Entries to be handed to the Competition's Secretary by 04/03/2024.

BCC 2nd digital competition, Macro / Close-Up, hand-in.
22nd The All New Mystery
You will need to bring your camera with you for this event!
The committee are sworn to silence and no amount of badgering will get them to reveal the mystery of this night.
29th Competition Night.
Macro or Close-Up & Open Category.
(Digital Entries Only).
Macro photography is extreme close-up photography and has been a popular subject within the club for many years. As not all members have macro lenses, we have included close-ups to allow everyone the chance to enter. Don't miss Robert's workshop, where you will get ideas and advice on macro photography. Tonight's judge is Kevin Leah from Truro & St. Austell CC's.
Competition rules can be viewed here.
Entries to be sent to the Competition's Secretary by 08/04/2024.
May 2024
13th Guest Speaker Night.
Annie Bungeroth
Tonight's guest speaker is Annie Bungeroth, a highly experienced photographer/multimedia professional working on social issues overseas and in the UK. Present and past clients include Oxfam, CAFOD, VSO, Practical Action, Channel 4, NHS, Sightsavers, Scope and Sue Ryder. Tonight she will give a talk on a newly completed project called "The Cost of Living Crisis".
20th Workshop.
Shooting Portraits in an Urban Environment.
Tonight, Hudson Swan will give a brief introductory talk, then we will be venturing outdoors with our guest model to shoot some urban portraits.

BCC Annual competition hand-in.
June 2024
3rd Annual Competition Critique and Results.
(Print Entries Only)
The big night with the big pictures. Our guest judge, Pedro Landers (Tavistock & Launceston CC), will critique and reveal the winners of this year's annual competition. This year's annual competition subject is 'Gates & Gateways', along with the open category. Up to four entries may be submitted.
Competition rules can be viewed here.
Entries must be handed in by 20/05/2024.
17th Annual General Meeting (AGM) This is the night you get to have your say.