CPA Nature Competition Guidelines

This is a digital image only competition – image size 1600 x 1200dpi. A maximum of 6 images may be entered between the two sections at your discretion. e.g. You could enter four in the Nature section and 2 in the Wildlife section OR one in Nature and 5 in wildlife.

Section A – Nature.

• Images taken in wildlife parks, zoos, aquaria, bird parks, game farms or studio type setups and where subjects are captive or trained may be entered in Section A.

• Hybrid & cultivated plants, domesticated or pet animals, are not acceptable.

• Techniques that enhance the image, such as dodging/burning, contrast, brightness, levels adjustment, and sharpening, are allowed.

• Cropping, HDR, focus stacking, noise reduction and removal of other camera introduced blemishes such as dust spots are allowed.

• Adding, relocating, replacing or removing main pictorial elements are not permitted.

• Removal of minor distractions is allowed.

• Monochrome images may be used.

• Any image used in any previous nature and wildlife competition cannot be reused.

• Please only enter true wildlife images in section B not section A.

Section B – Wildlife.

• Rules as for Section A except all subjects to be wild and free.

• All images are assumed to qualify for a (W) in Section B and as such a ‘W’ is NOT required on the image.

Naming convention.

N for Section A Nature and W for Section B Wildlife so ....



N3-Swan-Robert Dawson-Bodmin CC

W4-Bison-Robert Dawson-Bodmin CC

Trophies/Awards…………………1st Cup, 2nd & 3rd Certificate for each section

Highly Commended Certificates

Entry costs………………………..£1 per image (max 6 images)

NB To be paid to your club treasurer who will collate all entry fees and forward to CPA