Constitution - August 2019 Onwards

1. Name:

i. The official name of the camera club shall be ‘Bodmin and District Camera Club’. Hereafter known as ‘The club’.

2. Management:

i. The club shall be managed by its officers: ‘Chair’, ‘Vice Chair’, ‘Secretary’ and ‘Treasurer’, and a committee of at least ‘Membership Secretary’ and ‘Competitions Secretary’. Further roles may be added to the core of the committee if the officers and committee so wish.

ii. The role of President is at the gift of the officers and committee for long and dutiful service to the club. There can only be one president within the club at any one time. The president has a non-voting role at committee meetings.

iii. Officers and all members of the committee are to be from active members of the club. The posts of officers and committee shall be held for two years and existing officers and committee members can stand for re-election if they so wish. All elections are held at Annual General Meetings. Should the officers and committee deem it necessary, a member may be co-opted to fill a role.

iv. The quorum required for committee meetings is four (4) in addition to the Chair.

3. Aims:

i. To promote the enjoyment of photography.

ii. To help, support and encourage individuals in learning and improving their photographic techniques.

iii. To organise competitions and non-competitive events for the enjoyment of all its members.

iv. To engage with local community groups and organisations, helping to support them in publicly raising their profiles via photographic support.

v. That the club is run in a friendly, inviting and interesting manner by its elected officers and committee.

4. Affiliation:

i. The club shall be affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) through the Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF).

ii. Affiliations may be added or removed at the discretion of the officers and committee.

5. Membership:

i. Membership is open to anyone interested in photography who is willing to abide by the club’s constitution and rules, and is at the behest of the officers and committee.

ii. Subscriptions shall be due annually at the beginning of each club year, September, or pro rata dependent upon the date of joining.

iii. There shall be two categories of membership subscriptions:

a) Junior: Under 18 years of age.

b) Adult: 18 years of age and over.

iv. Equal opportunities; The club will not discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, colour, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, disability, age or political belief.

v. Member’s personal details shall remain confidential at all times and used only by the club’s officers and committee for legitimate club business under the Data Protection Act.

vi. For the protection of children under the age of 18, all junior members must be accompanied by a parent or guardian on club nights and events.

vii. ‘Honorary Life Members’ are in the gift of the officers and committee and awarded to individuals, who have given long and consistent service.

viii. At the Annual General Meeting, the annual membership fee should be discussed and agreed between the members and Treasurer for the year issuing.

6. Ceasing to be a member:

i. Membership shall be terminated if the fees are not paid within two meetings of submitting a completed and signed application/renewal form.

ii. Any member who behaves in an abusive, provocative or aggressive manner to members or visitors of the club shall have their membership terminated by the officers and committee. Members who are asked to leave the premises by an officer or committee member shall do so on request. Termination of membership is ratified at a committee meeting called for the express purpose.

7. Health & Safety:

i. The officers and committee expect all members to behave in a sensible and responsible manner at all times.

ii. The officers and committee, singly or collectively, shall be responsible for the Health and Safety of the membership during club activities as far as is practicable and provided that all members present act in a sensible and responsible manner at all times.

iii. All insurances required of the club are to be paid on the due date.

iv. A register of attendees must be kept at each club meeting. Should the need for evacuation arise, the following must be observed:

a) Leave the building in a calm and orderly manner via the marked ‘Fire Exits’.

b) Assemble at the safe meeting point which is the space located in front of the ’St. Petroc's Parish Church' opposite the club’s rooms.

c) The Membership Secretary shall take a roll call of members once everyone has been evacuated.

8. Equipment:

i. The officers and committee are responsible for the safety of all its equipment. The officers and committee led by the Treasurer shall hold an up to date register.

ii. Individual members may not loan, sell or otherwise dispose of the club's equipment. Any such activity must be done by officers or committee members with at least the Treasurer’s knowledge. Any such activity with the club’s effects must be signed for both on its initiation and completion.

iii. Members borrowing equipment must report any damage, either found at the time of borrowing or caused during the loan period, to an officer or committee member on its return.

iv. Any member’s equipment brought to club organised events, be it workshops, club nights or external visits, is the sole responsibility of the owner and the club shall take no responsibility, or costs for any damage incurred.

9. Competitions:

i. Club competitions rules shall be displayed within the club and a copy is given to every paid-up member.

ii. Only paid up members shall be permitted to enter competitions.

iii. Entry of all photographs must be in accordance with the competition rules of the club. The Competitions Secretary has the last word of the legitimacy of any photograph or image entered for the competition.

iv. Photographs and their individual parts including digital manipulation must be the work of the author.

v. Although every care is taken of images submitted to the club, neither the club nor its members shall be held responsible for any loss or damage however caused. All images are submitted to the club at the owner’s risk.

vi. The competition secretary shall hold a register of entrants in competitions and their individual scores.

10. Press Releases:

i. The officers and committee will promote the club and its activities via various medias at its disposal; the Internet, local shops, newspapers, magazines, radio, etc.

11. Annual General Meeting (AGM):

i. The club Secretary and Chair are responsible for calling an Annual General Meeting once a year on the final meeting of the club year. All members shall be informed either by email or letter at least 21 days prior to the meeting date.

12. Dissolution:

i. If the club’s paid up members fall below ten, the club shall hold an EGM for discussing the club’s continuance or dissolution. 21 days’ notice shall be given of any such meeting.

ii. In the event of dissolution, all effects of the club shall be made available for sale to its members. Club effects not sold shall be donated to a charitable shop to be agreed by the officers and committee.

iii. All outstanding debts shall be paid in full from available club funds.

iv. Remaining club funds shall be donated to a charitable service to be agreed by the officers and committee of the club.